NAQLA MASR is your Reliable Partner in Trucking Industry

Trucking industry is not reliable? Logistics industry needs more professional with theoretical and practical background? NAQL MASR is here for you. NAQL MASR are efficient company in managing trucks based on high advanced tech.

Our passion leads us to manage resources, utilize time and efforts and always aim for a “win to win situation “to satisfy our partners in success. NAQLMASR Professionals have experience in exporting and importing deliveries.

Also, we consider on 3 pillars of success which are our drivers, fleets, and customers. All professionals inside in NAQL Masr are committed to have knowledge in Trucking, Management, Multisite Operation, business Intelligence, Negotiations, planning, and high analysis and insight s in trucking industry. Also, we are up to date to international trucking and logistics standards. So, every day, we are ready to support your business and agile with change managements rapidly.

NAQL Masr Drivers are characterized by their time management, sense of ownership, honesty and caring to deal with goods.  Are you thinking of upcoming supplier and reliable fleet management partner? NAQLA is your partner which provide better Customer Experience with reliable goods trips.

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