What are the conditions for car registration?

Conditions that must be existing for cars registration at Naql Masr company :

  1. Cars must be in good technical condition.
  2. The driver must have a valid driver’s license for the same type of car.
  3. To follow safety procedures, traffic instructions and safe speed while driving.
  4. Not to use stimulants or narcotic substances stipulated in the Egyptian law.
  5. Maintain customer goods until they reach the recipient.

Commitment to the determined loads and heights, which are proven on the driver’s license


NAQL MASR is seeking to offer a lot of employment opportunities for Egyptian youth in the field of logistics and trucking industry.

Moreover, we appreciate and welcoming Egyptian talents whom can be reliable as drivers and administrative professionals to help us to sustain and grow our company.

Also, we encourage and support girls to have a great participation in Transport and logistics field in Egypt from all areas across Egypt. NAQL MASR always keens on supporting youth and care about social responsibilities.

INCOTERMS 2020 Version

NAQL MASR is always updated with knowledge and professional deeds in trucking and logistics industry. Also, we are always aligned with Egyptian and international road transport laws and news all over the world.



NAQL MASR and Entrepreneurs Support

NAQL MASR is best solution for many small, medium and enterprises.

Moreover, NAQL Masr has a great role in entrepreneurship industry and supporting startups in Egypt. In other words, with its services it offers reasonable prices and excellent service from door to door.

NAQL Masr aim always for mutual benefits and win to win situation to support all parties and build a long-term relationship. “Customers are our main assets and always we care about them”

NAQLA MASR is your Reliable Partner in Trucking Industry

Trucking industry is not reliable? Logistics industry needs more professional with theoretical and practical background? NAQL MASR is here for you. NAQL MASR are efficient company in managing trucks based on high advanced tech.

Our passion leads us to manage resources, utilize time and efforts and always aim for a “win to win situation “to satisfy our partners in success. NAQLMASR Professionals have experience in exporting and importing deliveries.

Also, we consider on 3 pillars of success which are our drivers, fleets, and customers. All professionals inside in NAQL Masr are committed to have knowledge in Trucking, Management, Multisite Operation, business Intelligence, Negotiations, planning, and high analysis and insight s in trucking industry. Also, we are up to date to international trucking and logistics standards. So, every day, we are ready to support your business and agile with change managements rapidly.

NAQL Masr Drivers are characterized by their time management, sense of ownership, honesty and caring to deal with goods.  Are you thinking of upcoming supplier and reliable fleet management partner? NAQLA is your partner which provide better Customer Experience with reliable goods trips.

Fluctuations in demand in Egyptian market? NAQL MASR Is here for your risk mitigation

Business is Dynamic in Egypt. Logistics and Trucking sector in Egypt needs a lot of experience and enough knowledge in the field of management of trucks in an efficient and effective way. Moreover, NAQL Masr try always to lead its fleets in a professional way. NAQL MASR can achieve utilization of spaces through Less than Truck load (LTL) or full truck load (FTL). NAQL Masr has a great vision to change the transportation sector and maintain the concept of “Green Transportation “and “efficient Assets Management” in Egypt to be “Sustainable Transportation System “. NAQL Masr through its vision we care about a great customer experience with the helicopter eye view of the whole business and its needs which together we can achieve total quality management (TQM). NAQL Masr has a great platform which manage fleets and trucks through various techniques through lean and agile supply chain concepts, green supply chain, Internet of things (IOT) in transportation industry and demand forecasting. Moreover, we care about the strategic planning in efficient management and upgrading our fleets and process to meet customer needs and change in the business ecosystem. NAQL MASR cope with the standards of shipping, logistics, trucking, and manufacturing industry. Also, we have the experience to deal in different fields as Fast moving Consumer goods (FMCGs) , Steel , Heavy industry, Oil and gas sector , Retailing and textiles . We have experts in the field of Route management, order management, tracking of goods, Vendor management, project management and fleet management. We deliver the products from end to end according to the need of our customer and partner in success. For example, we can deliver from any facilities to ports, warehouse, or wholesalers.  Finally, JIT, lean Six sigma, Kanban and other quality tools are our motive for lean service. In other words, cost efficient strategy with quality management systems bring us to create a competitive advantage in the Egyptian market.